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We are so glad that you have decided to participate in Glorietta's After School Enrichment (ASE) program. This program is in place for no other reason than to benefit OUR CHILDREN, "enriching" their Glorietta experience.


We hope you enjoy this convenient service, which is not designed to raise funds. Prices are passed on directly from the vendors, with nominal administrative fees. Unless noted, the courses are not designed by Glorietta staff or volunteers. Our role is to facilitate the program, pairing dynamic and challenging outside vendors with appropriately interested students!



Please see the current catalog here.


Please review the ASE Program Policies by clicking HERE.  The link will provide detailed information regarding registration, drop off and pickup, behavioral issues, and class cancellations.  For further assistance, contact Ashley Campos & Alison Stout at

Classes begin in September and are offered in Fall, January, Winter and Spring sessions. The classes fall under the categories of Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Home Economics, Sports, and Science & Games. Most classes will be offered from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. On Early Release Mondays, classes will begin at 2:30pm.

The preliminary dates of the four sessions are:

Fall Session
Registration: 8/21 -  8/29
Classes: Mon 9/4 – 11/9 (with the exception of musical, which goes into December)

Winter Session
Registration:  Wed 12/12 – Friday 12/21
Classes: Mon 1/14 , 7 weeks (Makeup Monday 3/26- Friday 3/29)

Spring Session
Registration:  Wed 3/21 – Wed 3/28
Classes: Mon 4/9 – Fri 5/25, 7 weeks (Makeup Tuesday 5/29- Monday 6/4)

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