Merchant Sponsorships

Good Eggs Fundraiser

Did you know you can have farmers market fresh produce (think squash blossoms to organic berries) and sustainably sourced seafood delivered to your door any day of the week? You can also order Tartine’s famous pastries, Wise and Sons challah and matzo ball soup, pre-marinated chicken thighs (just bake with some broccolini and pre-cooked farro for a quick and easy-clean-up meal!), freshly made pasta, grass fed beef, bone broth, school-friendly snacks (with or without nuts) all in one app!


Never again rush to the store with screaming kiddos (did I mention they have cupcakes?) or your friend’s housewarming (they have fresh flowers too!).


Good Eggs has been feeding families in the Bay Area ridiculously fresh organic groceries. They even recycle your packaging - just leave it out and they will pick up with the next delivery.


Join us and use the Glorietta code to get a 5% kickback for our school on every order during Oct-Nov. If you are new to Good Eggs, you can use the code to get $20 off. We benefit from new customers as well so give it a try.




For new customers link to iOS app or go to


For existing customers you can add your code with your next order How do I add a promo code to my order?


If you need any help you can email me or the good eggs help email. They can attach the code to your account so you don’t have to enter it every time you check out.


Please spread the word to grandparents, friends, co-workers! Anyone who wants to try and get a discount can benefit from the promo code.


Eat well AND raise money for our school and our kids! Bon appétit!


eScrip Rebates

Yes, there is a way for you to give money to our school without whipping out your checkbook! It's very simple. All you have to do is participate in the eScrip program. You sign up your credit and debit cards and then shop participating merchants, which include Diablo Foods, Lunardi's and many more. When you shop these merchants using your registered cards, a percentage of sales goes back to Glorietta. You just shop, and Glorietta will automatically get the contribution. This money goes straight to your kids and doesn't cost you a dime! Considering the current state budget, we need these contributions more than ever.

Shop on Amazon? If you access Amazon through, Amazon will contribute 2.4% of the total purchase back to our school. This is an AMAZING contribution and money that is going to waste if we don't change our buying habits. You do not need to register your credit cards to have your purchase count. All Members - Remember to do your online shopping through the eScrip online mall by going to


Not signed up yet?
1. Go to Enter Glorietta's group number (137116775).

2. Enter your debit/credit cards and/or Macy's card number.

Already signed up? Do the following:

1. Add the credit and debit cards you use most often to earn more for our school.

2. Sign up a family member

3. Go to and type in Glorietta's group number (137116775) to see how much your family is contributing just by doing your normal everyday shopping.

Contact Cady Behles for more information.  

Say Goodbye to Plastic In Your Kid's Lunches!

ECOlunchbox was started over 10 years ago by a Lafayette mom who wanted to remove plastic from her kid’s lunches for health and environmental reasons. Their lunch boxes and food storage products are made from high-quality stainless steel and are plastic-free, reusable, sustainable, durable and ocean-friendly! Learn more about ECOlunchbox Founder and CEO Sandra Ann Harris and the ECOlunchbox story. 

Go to their website at and use this code PLASTICFREEGOPHERS to save money on ECOlunchbox online purchases as well as raise funds for Glorietta! 10% of your purchase will go back to Glorietta. And you will also receive a 5% discount.



Amazon Smile

Do you shop on Amazon?  Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases.  You MUST start each shopping session at the URL


Click below to select "Glorietta Parents Club" as your non-profit of choice.


And did we mention that you have to be on Unfortunately, we do not earn any credit on purchases completed through the Amazon mobile app.





Content Owner: Emily Waterbury