Glorietta prides itself on a long tradition of excellence in education. Unfortunately, the funding our students receive from the State of California is not sufficient to sustain the high level of education and opportunity that parents expect of Glorietta. The primary goal of the Glorietta Parents’ Club (GPC) is to provide critical funding for school programming, staff, and instructional support.

Donations to the GPC, along with contributions to the Educational Foundation of Orinda (EFO), are critical in bridging the funding gap between funds provided by the state and the cost of education at Glorietta.  Your donations enable us to give our children the best educational opportunities available. Our continued success depends heavily upon the financial support of our families.

What is the Suggested Amount to Donate for Glorietta ?

$1280+ Per Student Per Year

$180 GPC Registration Bundle includes access to the online family directory, helps fund classroom supplies & parties, ensures your child receives a yearbook.


$1100+ GPC Donation funds several critical school programs (see appendix), and can be done through:

1) A pure monetary donation via Gopher Giving 

2) Pay-to-PlayGround (Pay-to-Play Parties) launching in October 2019

3) Purchases at the Spring Auction Party on March 21, 2020

4) A combo of any / all of the above 



Are There Any Other Donations Parents are Encouraged to Make ?


$650 Per Student Per Year Donation to Educational Foundation of Orinda (EFO)

EFO funds support art and music instruction for all students as well as small class sizes for TK-3rd grade (together with Glorietta Parents' Club). Click here to make a direct donation to EFO and visit EFO's website for more information on how it supports all Orinda students.


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We sincerely THANK YOU in advance for your continued support of the GPC and EFO. Together we can and will continue excellence in education for all Glorietta Gophers. 


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Glorietta is a public school; however, the education our children receive is not a standard public school education. Parents sustain a major portion of educational services through financial support and volunteer efforts.  See below for important information on why your contribution matters and the incredible programs we offer as a result of your contributions to the GPC & EFO.