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Gopher Club is a service provided by the Glorietta Parents Club (the GPC), in cooperation with the Orinda Union School District. Gopher Club is located on the Glorietta school campus. We are dedicated to providing a program where safety always comes first and activities and events are fun and challenging. We strive for an appropriate balance between structure and choice, supplying a variety of staff-initiated projects and games as well as plenty of opportunity for child-initiated activities.


Our staff planned activities include:

  • Arts and crafts projects
  • Team sports such as football, kickball and street hockey
  • Science projects such as making slime
  • Group games such as capture the flag, relay races, parachute play, and water games
  • Friday fun days: a rotating schedule including face painting, BINGO and a movie


Gopher Club welcomes Transitional Kindergarten through fifth grade students on a drop-in basis on regular school days. Drop-in care means: Parents are NOT required to call in advance for a space in Gopher Club. Space is available for all children who need to use the program. In nice weather children are in the Gopher Club portable and outside on the playground. During inclement weather, children are in our portable as well as the Multipurpose room. Children who use the program walk over from their classroom after school and are checked in by a Gopher Club staff person. It is up to each parent to inform their child (and child's teacher if necessary) on which day they will attend Gopher Club.


Hours and Dates of Operation

Gopher Club is open from 7:00 am to 8:45 am and 11:30am to 6:00pm on all school days. Gopher Club follows the Glorietta School Calendar.




Descriptions, Policies, Terms, and Conditions

For a full description of Gopher Club, including its policies, terms and conditions, please review the Gopher Club Terms & Conditions and Gopher Club Manual.


Sign Out Procedure

Children may be signed out of Gopher Club in one of three ways:

  1. By a parent or guardian named on their registration form.
  2. By an authorized person who has been listed on the child's enrollment form as an approved pick-up person. Any person other than the parent or guardian, even if related to the child, must be listed on the enrollment form. If a person other than someone on your child's enrollment form will be picking him/her up, PLEASE BE SURE TO SEND A NOTE OR EMAIL. Play dates must be arranged in advance, and not from the Gopher Club telephone.
  3. On their own under the following conditions:
    1. Parents must check and initial on the enrollment form that the child may sign him/herself out of Gopher Club.
    2. During the two carpool times (1:55 and 2:50 pm), a child may sign out to walk home or to the bus or carpool line. After the second carpool is finished, children may only sign out to walk to after school activities on campus. Checking out after 2:50 pm to leave campus is not permitted.


Parents will be charged only for the hours that their child was in attendance at Gopher Club. Gopher Club charges $6.00 per hour with applicable minimum charges. Additional information on billing and other topics is outlined in the Gopher Club Handbook, which is also available at Gopher Club.


Fatima Tulfo, Director


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