Glorietta Elementary School’s hot lunch program, Gopher Gourmet, provides healthy, delicious, and economical food choices for our students and teachers. While providing each bright, young mind with the best lunch possible, Gopher Gourmet also aims to educate Glorietta students about nutrition, raise awareness of proper portioning, minimize food waste, and get kids excited about healthy, fresh food! A dedicated team of employees and parent volunteers lead Gopher Gourmet.


The Gopher Gourmet team is partnering with Sodexo again this year. Sodexo is a food service management company, and partnering with them has helped us to further diversify our offerings and reduce our parent volunteer needs. Students will still enjoy the same high-quality, delicious, balanced meals they have come to love.



Registration Opens: The week of August 12, 2019

Lunch Service Begins: Monday, August 19, 2019

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In order to provide more flexibility for parents, we are offering a “Rolling Ordering” process. We no longer have lunch sessions throughout the school year. Instead of committing to a 16-week menu cycle, we are allowing parents to order, change their order, or delete their order up to two weeks prior to the meal day. For example:

  •  Instead of locking in your students order for an entire 10-16 week session we now offer “rolling ordering” where you can SELECT OR EDIT your students order up to two week prior to the meal day.

  • You can ALTERNATE your students order (i.e. so they have chicken tenders one week and a hot dog the next week)

  • If you know your child will miss lunch service for a doctor appointment, field trip, vacation, etc., you can CANCEL their meal up to 2 weeks in advance

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Gopher Gourmet offers pre-ordered Entrée items, a Variety Bar and Add-On items:

If you pre-ordered an entrée item, your child will be given their five-compartment plate with the entrée filling the largest section (as pictured above). Your child will then fill the remaining sections of their plate with healthy options available on our “help-yourself” Variety Bar.


Variety Bar
If you ordered only the Variety Bar for your child, they will receive an empty plate (without an entrée) and will then fill it with their choice of items from the Variety Bar which includes a rotation of fresh & dried fruits, fresh & roasted vegetables, salads, and a selection of vegetarian proteins like hard-boiled eggs, legumes, cheeses, and yogurts. Your child will be able to fill their plate according to their preferences. 


Sides like Smoothies and baked goods can be pre-ordered and added to any meal or purchased separately. Please note, buying just an “add-on” item is truly a la carte and does not grant your student access to the Entrée or Variety Bar. If you are planning on purchasing your student only an add-on, we recommend packing them a lunch from home.



Gopher Gourmet relies on parent volunteers to sustain and improve our program. Our volunteer positions provide a fun opportunity to see your kids at lunch, meet new members of the Glorietta community and give back to the school!


We are actively seeking kitchen volunteers for the 2019-2020 school year. Kitchen volunteers work in teams of two from approximately 11:00am to 1:00pm, four to six times a year. During their shifts volunteers team up with the Kitchen Managers to swipe meal cards and serve lunch.



Kitchen Managers: Nigel Forman

Parent Co-Chairs: Erika Rosenberg & Menaka Padhi

Questions/Comments: Please email


Content Owner: Emily Waterbury