The Glorietta Spring Musical is a wonderful teaching and learning experience for students 
who wish to explore their dramatic abilities. 4th and 5th grade students who choose to participate will perform in a Broadway musical. Previous productions have included Willy Wonka, Peter Pan, Honk, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Jr and most recently, Mulan. By working together with adult mentors to create a quality production, students develop confidence and respect for others as well as skills in collaboration, teamwork and stagecraft.  The Glorietta Spring Musical is an amazing opportunity for 4th and 5th grade students to:

  • train and develop skills in the visual and performing arts as performers and technicians

  • succeed in an environment that fosters teamwork and builds confidence

  • demonstrate their abilities in live performances, and

  • enrich our community by being an integral part of a quality musical production




Thank you to the parents who attended the meeting.  If you could not attend the meeting, then general information and the forms that were handed out can be found here.
If your child is interested in the Spring Musical, please print out the following four forms (...).  The Cast Parent Participation (2nd form) and Actor, Set and Tech Crew Permission (3rd form) documents need to be turned in to the envelope in the office by Wednesday October 4.  The Audition Form will be turned in by your child on October 10 during auditions.



Auditions will be held in October.  Participants will receive their assigned audition time via email. Students should plan on arriving outside the Music Portable 20 minutes before their assigned time. Student auditions entail singing a well rehearsed one minute song (for audition song suggestions, click ). To have a better understanding of the entire audition process, click .





Any 4th and 5th grade student may audition for a performing roll. All students who audition will be cast in the musical.

Actors are expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals and be prepared with all assigned work, including line memorization, choreography and songs. It is required that students who miss rehearsals find a substitute from the opposite cast and meet with their substitute to learn anything they missed. 

SET CREW (5th Grade)
Set Crew is an opportunity for visually minded 5th grade students to become involved with the musical. Students will get to work the backstage magic during the last three to four weeks of rehearsals and all performances.

TECH CREW (5th Grade)
All 5th grade students may apply for a tech crew position, but space is limited. Mr. Pickett chooses tech crew members based on past good behavior and responsibility. Serving on tech crew is a privilege. Under Mr. Pickett’s direction, Student Tech Crew members assist with set changes, props, sound and spot lights during dress rehearsals and performances. Tech Crew members are expected to attend the last three weeks of rehearsal, both dress rehearsals and all performances.


Spring Musical communications and forms will be posted on this website. In addition, all families are required to check email on a regular basis for communications from the Producers and other Committee Chairs. 

This program is a collaborative effort between the Producers, Director, Cast and Crew members and their Parents. The Producers are responsible for organizing and overseeing all aspects of our program. The Director is the artistic manager of the production and is responsible for auditioning, casting and preparing the actors for the show. 

Parents are a very important part of our team and this program would not be possible without their volunteer hours. Parent volunteers chair or co-chair each production area or serve on a sub-committee; cast coaches and chaperones, backstage, sets and props, costumes and makeup, publicity and publications, tickets and event planning.


For questions, please email Susan Jordan at susan@crazysusan.com