Background Check for Volunteers


Our schools depend upon our parent community and volunteers to make it the exceptional district it is, year after year. To volunteer at any OUSD school, parents need to complete the following forms for the volunteer role: 


School-site Volunteers (Gopher Gourmet, Classroom, Library, Art, etc.) 

  • TB Certificate of Completion 

Field Trip Drivers & Overnight Chaperones 

  • TB Certificate of Completion 
  • Fingerprint Background Check Clearance 
  • Driver Liability Clearance (complete "OUSD Driver Form")


If you plan to volunteer in ANY capacity, you must show you are free of communicable tuberculosis (TB). The Contra Costa Health Department REQUIRES all volunteers, whether in the classroom, on field trips, or in the hot lunch program, to provide proof of completing a TB assessment/screening.  


To comply, you must bring a completed Adult Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Questionnaire to a registered health care provider or to one of the assessment dates provided below, and submit to Glorietta a copy of the Adult Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Questionnaire Certificate of CompletionYour completed forms are filed in the Glorietta front office. If you plan to volunteer at multiple schools, please make a copy of your form and bring it to those schools. 

Your forms are valid for 4 years and are filed in the front office. You may make a copy and bring to another school, if needed. If you are unsure if you’re current, please check the list in the Glorietta office. You may contact with questions.


OUSD is hosting Adult TB Risk Assessments this September at our local schools. The cost is $10 for TB Assessment payable to "Sutter Care at Home" -- please bring your checkbook to pay for this fee. And remember to bring a government issued photo ID.

**Please print out, fill out, and bring the TB Assessment Form and Declaration of Drivers Form when you come to one of the schools below. 



Submit TB Testing Form at Glorietta on Thursday, September 5, 2019 between 7:30 - 9:00am.




Our school depends upon our parent community and volunteers to make it the exceptional school it is year after year. To volunteer at Glorietta, Orinda Union School District has a few new systems in place to keep everyone safe:



*Field Trip Drivers & Overnight Chaperones*

  1. TB Test or TB Assessment on file in the Glorietta Office (Thursday, Sept 5th from 7:30am - 9:00am)
  2. DOJ Fingerprint Background Check 
    1. Complete the Live Scan Form 
    2. At UPS Store in Moraga or Lafayette, submit completed Live Scan Form AND request fingerprinting. You will need to bring a government issued ID for the fingerprinting and pay a $30 fingerprint scanning fee to UPS.
    3. Once complete, deliver a check made out to "OUSD" for $47. This fee is the DOJ/FBI background check cost.
  3. Declaration of California Drivers License and Auto Insurance, on file in the Glorietta Office, with the minimum liability coverage on their automobile not less than the following amounts:
    • Bodily injury $300,000
    • Property damage of $50,000
    • Or combined single limit $300,000
    • Medical payment $5,000




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